About Us

About EmpowerU

Established in 2020, EmpowerU is a values based organisation providing individually tailored support services to people with disabilities. We strive to create strong foundations that enable clients and their families to access opportunities that will assist them to live their best life.

Our Ethos

Our company ethos permeates all we do. It guides us operationally and our staff in their day to day work. Our ethos is underpinned by uncompromising beliefs in:

  • The importance of independence, choice, and control
  • The importance of empowering and enabling people with disabilities and their carers and families
  • An individualised, person-centred approach
  • Empowering participants to have a voice
  • Equal opportunity for all people
  • A social model of disability
    Equal access and inclusion to services and facilities
  • A partnership-based approach
  • Ethical practices throughout the organisation

Vision Statement

Reducing barriers to live your best life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure people are empowered to achieve their vision of a good life. Working together to build relationships and reduce barriers to make sure every person is given the opportunity to reach their full potential. One person and one neighbourhood at a time.

Our Values

Our values and beliefs are intrinsic to the organisation, the services we provide and the way in which we provide them. They are:







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