Community Participation Services

Assistance with Community (and Social) Participation is a form of funding under the NDIS Core supports category.  This assistance can be used to improve your ability to participate in community, social and recreational activities.

This includes things like support to attend community-based activities and assistance to participate in social groups. The activities may take place in a range of locations such as in the community, in a centre or at a sporting venue.

There are many benefits associated with being actively involved in and connected with your community. This assistance is designed to keep you connected and enjoy recreational or social activities within your community.

EmpowerU knows the local community because we are a part of it. We connect you with support workers who best fit your needs and interests so you can build a positive relationship and feel at ease about exploring new opportunities with their assistance.

Whether you are interested in taking part in a new activity or hobby, meeting new people or simply getting out and exploring the world around you, we will help facilitate your goals so they become a reality. Our team will actively support you to make your own choices.

Get in touch with us to talk to us about the best way to prepare for your NDIS Plan or Plan Review meeting from a Community Participation perspective. Contact us through this page.

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